Andrew Maury is an American record producer, mixing engineer, and writer based in Brooklyn New York.

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Shawn Mendes, Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes, "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back"
Flor, "Slow Motion"
Lewis Del Mar, 'Lewis Del Mar'
Delicate Steve, 'Till I Burn Up'
Post Malone, Stoney
Kimbra, 'Sweet Relief'
Dean Lewis, "Straight Back Down" and "Time To Go"
Grace Mitchell, 'NOW'
Teddy<3, 'LillyAnna'
DD Walker, Malibu EP
Youngr, 'Ooh Lordy'
Cautious Clay, Table Of Context
CRUISR, 'Go For It'
Mondo Cozmo, 'Your Motherfucker'
Flor, 'Come Out You're Hiding'
COIN, 'How Will You Know If You Never Try'
RAC, 'Ego'
Strange Names, 'Use Your Time Wisely'
High Highs, 'Cascades'
Ask Me Anything
@Luca asked:
Hey Andrew, I'm a techno producer, how many db do I stay under the 0? Tipically I stay around -6, it's ok for preparing the track for mastering? Thank you for the answer!
@AMP replied:

the numbers dont matter when you're under 0. no difference in sound quality if you deliver your mix at -20 or -2. a 24 bit audio file has an immense amount of perfectly clean headroom (140db from 0 to the noise floor)

@Anton asked:
How do you mix your guitars? Any go to plugins or EQs?
@AMP replied:

SSL channel is always useful. Also a fan of Sly-Fi Axis for adding saturation+EQ. Soothe when the recording is really problematic / resonant. Sometimes Decapitator to add more grit/texture.

@Derrick asked:
What's on your drum bus usually?
@AMP replied:

It varies a lot, but I have been a fan of what the API 2500 does generally. Sometimes I do a parallel "smash" of the drums rather than process the drum buss. Sometimes the UAD Studer A800 in 30 ips mode enhances the subs in a really great way. Pultec high shelf boosts. I notice a pattern that any time the drum bus gets loaded up with a ton of stuff (more than 3 plugins), I end up scrapping it for a more simple chain... it always seems to sound better with less processing.

@Jack asked:
What was Shawn Mendes' vox chain on Lost in Japan?
@AMP replied:

I'd have to pull it up, but a lot of Shawn LP3 vocals have the waves C4 with the top boosted. Its quite a distinct sound. The "pop vocal" preset is a good starting place. Credit to the producer, Teddy Geiger, on that tip! The PT sessions came with C4 in the vocal chains. I had never really found a use for it prior, but I kept them as I reworked these mixes.

@Alex Ponce asked:
What reverb did you use on Shawn Mendes's Vocals on There's Nothing Holding Me Back??
@AMP replied:

looking at the session, there are 3 verb sends that different tracks / sections use in different amounts.

@Jared asked:
I know every song is different, but on average how long do you spend on mixing one song? How long did it take for you to develop your mixing process and strategy?
@AMP replied:

Best case scenario tends to be that the artist signs off on the mix after 2 revisions. Worst case scenario... i've gone up to #18. With high revision counts, its often the case that I end up helping with the production, editing, arrangement, and integrating additional layers along the way. I think on average, I spend about 10 collective hours working on a song and its mix 3-7 that goes to mastering. I find it most comfortable when there is time to sit with the mix over the course of 2 weeks. With perfect ITB recalls, it allows me to chip away at a mix with a lot of fresh perspective.

@Cameron asked:
Hey Andrew! For Coin’s recent album did you oversee mixing for the whole album or several songs out of the album? If several, I’d love to know which ones.
@AMP replied:

Tim Pagnotta produced + mixed 4 songs on the record and Chad Wahlbrink mixed 1. I mixed the rest. We did not communicate with each other, but the album feels cohesive to me!

@Walter asked:
Have you ever mixed a famous album only "in the box"?
@AMP replied:

I have been mixing ITB exclusively since the end of 2016. I'll let you determine which of those releases count as "famous" :)

@Ryan asked:
Do you mix in Logic X?
@AMP replied:

As I answer this question in October of 2018, yes. I usually mix in Logic because I prefer it and know it best. Sometimes I mix in PT if it seems like its going to be a smoother process to work from someone's production session file. I think arguing about the sound quality of DAWs is a massive distraction. I've done tests comparing PT and Logic with a routing scheme and array of many plugins that had identical settings. To my ear, there was no stark difference.

@Mehmet asked:
Those blue cylindrical things... Are they bass traps?
@AMP replied:

yes - theyre ASC Tube Traps. i have them configured in what is called an "attack wall." look it up!

@Donny Ingram asked:
Are you from Bethesda, MD?
@AMP replied:

i am

@Aaron asked:
The vocals on coins album are awesome. How did you get that distortion? Is it tape or is it a decapitator? Love your work man.
@AMP replied:

likely decapitor, yes!

@Davide asked:
How old are you?
@AMP replied:

born in '85